Blue Book Course: The Merchant Shipping (Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers) Regulations 2003 which were implemented from 1st March 2004, introduced requirements on ports and terminals to ensure the regulated operation of loading and unloading bulk carriers. Our one day course is designed to provide the terminal staff with a complete understanding of the requirements of the legislation and the practical steps to ensure they can best be implemented.
Blue Book Course: Dates/Cost

Ro-Ro Safety Course: The Ro-Ro safety course is designed to reemphasise the safe operational workings of ports and terminals for both experienced and new entry staff to the shipping world.
Ro Ro Satefy Course: Dates/Cost

Stevedore Training & Safety Course: A one day training and safety course for experienced and new entry stevedores. The course aims to highlight the particular dangers of working in ports and on ships.
STSC Course: Dates/Cost

Shipping & Insurance New Entry Course: This two day course includes a mixture of classroom and external training including visits to ports and ships to provide an overall introduction to the shipping industry for newcomers to Insurance, Ports, Shipping Companies and the legal fraternity.
SINE Course: Dates/Cost

Container Vanning & Cargo Securing Course: The course is designed to meet the specific IMO requirements of staff responsible for the safe and secure movement of cargoes world wide, using various containerised units.
Container Vanning & Cargo Securing Course: Dates/Cost

The courses are run in our local lecture room with full IT suite. We
can also provide courses at the client's premises, prices on request.

Blue Book Course: dates/cost
The course will enable Terminal Managers and their delegated shift foremen to be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of terminal representatives under the BLU code.

The course will deal with the following requirements of the code:
Terminal Information Books

Operational suitability of bulk carriers visiting the Terminal. Steps taken to assess
Safe Berth considerations
Terminal loading and unloading equipment compliance
Training of Terminal personnel to meet the requirements of the code

Following the course the successful attendees will be in a position to formulate the necessary systems to meet the requirements of the law and ensure a successful result when audited by the relevant government department.

The fee for the course includes all stationery, handouts, refreshments and lunch.

BBC 10/01 13 JAN 10
BBC 10/02 07 MAY 10
BBC 10/03 07 OCT 10
BBC 11/01 12 JAN 11
BBC 11/02 13 APR 11
BBC 11/03 10 AUG 11

Cost: £1,550 per person plus VAT

Ro-Ro Safety Course: dates/cost
This course is designed to guide and refresh the thinking of the Terminal Managers, Shift Foreman and designated staff with regard to the safe operations of the port in respect of Ro-Ro operations.

The course uses practical discussion of events and incidents to outline the areas of danger and difficulty in operations and how they can be avoided or mitigated. Risk assessment techniques are exercised in the classroom to achieve practicable results.

The fee for the course includes all stationery, handouts, refreshments and lunch.

RRSC 10/01 14 JAN 10
RRSC 10/02 21 APR 10
RRSC 10/03 12 OCT 10
RRSC 11/01 12 JAN 11
RRSC 11/02 07 JUN 11

Cost: £1,550 per person plus VAT

Stevedore Training & Safety Course: details/dates/cost
The course is designed to meet the needs of the newcomer to stevedoring and as a refresher for those who have experience.

The course deals with:
1 The operations & safety of cargo working:
on Dockside
on the vessel's decks
in the vessels holds
2 The planning and implementation of safe cargo stowage

The fee for the course includes all stationery, handouts, refreshments and lunch.

STSC 10/01 15 JAN 10
STSC 10/02 22 APR 10
STSC 10/03 13 OCT 10
STSC 11/01 13 JAN 11
STSC 11/02 05 MAY 11

Cost: £1,550 per person plus VAT

Shipping & Insurance New Entry Course
Two days of classroom and visits to ports and vessels in order to provide the necessary foundation training for new entries to the shipping industry. Includes lectures on ship design, construction, stability, cargo stowage, insurance, amongst practical advice.

No question will be too simple, the intention is that the student will return to the office understanding the strange terms and jargon used by seafarers and will be able to undsertand the wider shipping industry.

SINC 10/01 16-17 FEB 10
SINC 10/02 18-19 MAY 10
SINC 10/03 09-10 NOV 10
SINC 11/01 07-08 JUN 11
SINC 11/02 17-18 AUG 11

Cost: £1,000 per person plus VAT

Container Vanning & Cargo Securing Course
This course is designed for those wishing to gain the basic requirement in stevedoring/freight forwarding and general shipping/shippers offices. The course is in two parts over one day. The morning is an intensive theory session regarding all aspects of containers, history, design and the stowage and securing of various cargoes to IMO requirements.

Following the lunch provided we walk to the practical area where you put into practice the lessons learnt in the theory. The course provides the student with a strong lead into the world of container shipping and provides the requirements to management in demonstrating training to avoid liability in corporate manslaughter claims arising out of unsafe stowage in containers.

After the course you will be able to:
Plan safe stowage of cargo in containers in accordance with IMO requirements
Plan and implement securing of the container cargoes both within boxes and on flat racks
Know your cargoes are safely stowed avoiding the risk of consequential claims due to shifting cargoes

Demonstrate to potential employers your capability in the essential required skills in the container and shipping industry
The skills obtained are relevant to sea, land and air transportation of ISO containers.

Monthly courses arranged to suit student majority.

Cost: £1,250 per course person. Includes refreshments throughout the day.

Class size: Maximum 10 students per day course (5/6 students provide optimal interface)

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