Consultancy: Chris Jones is a Master Mariner with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Inorganic Chemistry. He has extensive experience in consultancy, both at the planning stages of a project and in the investigative aspects of litigation; where he has appeared as an expert witness in the High Courts, Arbitrations and Mediations, both here and abroad. His Personal Accident work has involved various matters regarding diverse aspects of: seamanship, heavy weather, ship motions, and Asbestosis. Maritime matters have included the various aspects of the stowage, carriage and discharge of a variety of cargoes including: explosives, heavy lifts, rice (bagged & bulk), wheat, maize, sugar, steel, timber, containers & oil cargoes, and the operation of vessels. Non-maritime matters have included investigations into fraud and theft.

Surveying: Chris has over seventeen years direct experience in surveying as a surveyor and a further ten years involved in the appointment and direction of surveyors together with the evaluation of their work. His own work has included such diverse subjects as: heavy weather damage to vessels and cargoes, the investigation of collision, grounding and total losses, fire fighting and investigations as to causation, ventilation, wetting and heating problems in bagged and bulk grain cargoes, theft and fraud investigations, stability appraisals for designs, vessel conversions and the stowage of cargoes, refrigerated and dry cargo containers and their contents.




Consultancy: John Banister has some thirty years experience of consultancy. He has appeared as an expert witness in the High Courts, Arbitrations and Mediations in many countries around the world. His work is diverse and has included litigation in matters such the various aspects of the stowage, carriage and discharge of a variety of cargoes including: raw & refined sugar, frozen chicken, timber, sulphur, grain in tankers, and operation of vessels. He is an arbitrator and a member of the Carefully to Carry Committee.

Surveying: John has over forty years experience in surveying and there is little that he has not surveyed having been at the cutting edge of the profession. He is a panel member of the Carefully to Carry Committee; which reviews and produces recommendations to ship owners on particular areas of concern. He is well known in the fruit trade as an experienced and well regarded surveyor of all fruits and vegetables.



Consultancy: Andy Adams has provided much active consultancy in the planning of maritime projects. His work has been specialising in the design aspects of new and existing ports with specific reference to the access by sea and the operation of Vessel Transit Systems in the Pilotage environment. He has undertaken project work on the High Speed Ferry Operations in the Southern North Sea and collision risk assessments in the high-density traffic areas off of the UK East Coast. He has been actively involved for over ten years in the computer modelling and dynamic testing of designs for ports and berths for a variety of vessels, including the Ultra Large Container Vessels currently being built. Has been active in the development of new buoyage requirements for the River Colne Estuary.

Surveying: Andy has gained much experience in the surveying of refrigerated containerised fruit cargoes at many places throughout the United Kingdom. He is also well experienced in surveying dry containers. On and Off hire and ship structure damage surveys are further areas in which Andy's expertise is utilised.



Consuultancy: David Whitby has been actively involved in the consultancy aspects of many major projects where his wide experience in the engineering systems of Merchant and Military vessels has been well utilised. He has compiled specifications for, evaluated tenders and supervised many refits and special projects on passenger and reefer vessels. These have included routine dry docking, major projects and installations to comply with statutory requirements and industry trends. Other work has included the purchase, upgrading and sale aspects of a fire damaged 38 metre steel hull for conversion to a luxury yacht. He was also involved in the design specification for the MOD in the selection and operation of Ships Taken Up for Trade (STUFT).

Surveying: David has much experience as a surveyor dealing with Ship structures and operations. He has performed On and Off Hire surveys and Bunker Surveys. He has undertaken many ship's structural damage surveys and recommended the intended repairs. Investigation and survey work has included damage to barge structures and the planning of repairs. He also has experience of cargo surveys both break bulk cargoes of steel and containerised refrigerated cargoes.



Consultancy: Vagn Tomsen has a unique expertise in the carriage of heavy lift project cargoes. He commands one of the newest specialist heavy lift vessels and is trading worldwide. Whilst he is on his vessel and on passage he is able to maintain frequent contact with our head office using the benefits of modern technology. He is available for face to face consultations and legal proceedings when he is on leave.

Lee Gaylor


Surveying: Lee is our new apprentice who is bringing a fresh outlook to our office. He brings a wealth of 'can do' experience from his military background plus an Honours Degree in Production Design. He is also studying for a Diploma in Cargo Surveying and will expand into a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies in due course.